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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 07:39:16 -0800 (PST) From: Jack Santoro Subject: Reunion With Al, Part russian pre-teens sucking cock 5, Adult Friends, 5/6Reunion with Al, Part 5 By I'd run into Al after not having seen him for decades. We had been enjoying stroking each other's hard pricks, and the touch of his warm fingers on mine was always heavenly. Likewise, I enjoyed feeling his foreskin gliding smoothly over the firmness beneath, until he exploded in a hot shattering orgasm. I'd gotten to see his two younger brothers again, and we'd enjoyed hot four-way sex, masturbating each other's pricks to the inevitable explosions. The older one, Tom, had a long tight foreskin that he could not slide back over the big mushroom shaped head, while the younger brother, Tim, had been circumcised at birth, something he'd always regretted because his older brothers got so much enjoyment from their natural male anatomies. I'd told them about techniques of foreskin stretching, and Tom had begun inserting tubes of ever increasing diameter into the tight nipple of his hood. He'd made progress, and last time I'd seen him he'd been able to bring his foreskin back half-way off the head. Tim had also fucking pre-teen babies begun to stretch his shaft skin to form a new hood, but I hadn't seen him for months, and so did not know how much progress he'd made. Now pre-teen bikini modeling gallery I was to go to Al's house that Saturday afternoon to see all three of them again. When Al let me in, he was butt-naked, as were his two brothers. Tom immediately skinned his foreskin back, saying: "Look, I can get it back all the way now. That stretching really worked. Want to try it?" I grasped his prick and slid gay pre-teens his foreskin back and forth a few times, which made him half-hard. "Nice," I said, giving my evaluation. "I guess it doesn't hurt at all pre-teen 12yo when I do free pre-teen pictures this." I continued working his foreskin slowly, letting him enjoy the gliding sensation as it stretched back over his reddish mushroom. Meanwhile, I looked at Tim's prick. He'd made progress stretching his shaft skin, and now it was stretched tightly over his glans, with a piece of tape holding it shut at the end. "No, it feels just fine," Tom said. "Tim's been doing well too. You pre-teen models hardcore can see he's grown some skin." Tim removed the tape, and the new hood slid halfway back over his purple mushroom. "That pre-teen toplist looks nice, Tim," pics pre-teen I said. "You've got pre-teen ls more skin, and I see your tip's gotten glossy like mine." "Yeah, pre-teen pussy fucking videos it's naked illegal pre-teen kids nice and shiny, and I can feel it's more sensitive too, now that I keep it covered 24 hours a day." At this point Al spoke: "Better get your clothes off, Jack, I want you to see my new shower head. You'll pre-teen model pedo really love it." I quickly stripped and joined the three brothers in the bathroom. In the shower, I noticed that Al had installed a new shower head, joined to the fixture by a six foot length of hose. "This is one of those pre-teen models forum new flexible jobbies," he explained as he turned on the water. "The head's adjustable, from a spray to a hard stream." He removed the head from its bracket and twisted the outer ring. Now a hard, pulsing stream shot from the head, and he aimed it at the end of my prick. "Hey, that feels nice," I commented. "It's very erotic." "It's more than that," he continued. "When I make the water pre-teens boyz hot, it makes me pre-teen nudity pee." He skinned back his prick and cp pre-teennonnudephotos turned the hot pulsing stream on the wide upper surface of his glans. "I pre-teen boys anal can't hold back," he went on. I saw the lips of his long slit parting as his sphincter let go, and within a second a thick stream gushed from the end of his glans into the bottom of the shower. "I've got to pee too," said Tom as pre-teen sex panties he retracted his ample foreskin, which locked into the deep grove behind his rim. Al turned the hot water stream to play on Tom's now naked mushroom, running it over the broad upper surface. Tom's long slit widened into a "O" shape as his yellow stream poured from it to fall down the drain. Now Al played the pulsing stream on the underside of Tom's glans, and it began to swell quickly. "This can get you hard in seconds," Al explained to me. "I can make myself come in about a minute with this." I believed him, seeing the effect on Tom. For that matter, Al's prick was also half hard from the spray. "My turn," said Tim as he peeled back his half-foreskin to lock behind his ridge. All three brothers had large tips, mushroom shaped, with high ridges that held their hoods back. Al turned the hot stream onto Tim's big glans, bringing forth a thick yellow gush. "Now you skin back," Al said to me. "But I don't have to go," I protested. "Maybe you don't think so, but wait till I put the stream on your tip," Al said as Tom's expert fingers stripped back my hood and held my prick horizontally for Al. Like theirs, my foreskin locked behind my rim. Al now directed the stream onto my helmet, and I felt the hot stinging pulses hammering against the broad upper surface of my glans. I felt daddy and pre-teen sex a rush of sensation, an irresistible urge to pee, and within seconds my stream was coursing the length of my prick to pour out onto the shower floor. "This is amazing," I exclaimed. "I really didn't feel like I had to go, but when you hit my tip with that hot stream, I russian pre-teen porn couldn't resist." When we'd drained ourselves, we rinsed off and dried each other. Tim carefully cradled my bare-headed prick as he gently dabbed it with the towel. "I alt binaries pre-teen erotica really like the shape of your helmet," he said. "That flaring rim looks so sexy. I could suck on your tip all day." I then dried him, and carefully pulled his skin as far forward as I could, which wasn't much. His partly re-grown foreskin barely covered his rim now that he was hard. "I feel like oral today," Al said as he led us into the adjoining bedroom. When he lay on the bed, I immediately took his partly covered head into my mouth. Al's sex galleries pre-teen hood covered the head completely when he was soft, but now it had slid back to expose the front dome of the large mushroom. I steadied his shaft with my fingers as my tongue probed under the edge of his hood. Meanwhile, Tom was pressing the end of his foreskin against the forward edge of mine, in a wet kiss as he was seeping lube copiously. pre-teen petite pussy I was very aware of the delicate sensations produced by two foreskins rubbing against each pre-teen sex xxx nudist other, and this firmed up my erection perfectly. Tim had positioned himself so that Al's lips were inches from the end of his prick, and now Al began probing Tim's slit with his tongue. All of us were hard. "I've done you several times," I told pre-teen girl pic Al, "but I've never gotten my tongue inside Tom's foreskin because it was too pre-teen titties tight before. Okay if we switch? You can do Tim." "Yeah, let's pair off for now," Al replied. "I want to feel how smooth Tim's tip is now that he's been covering it for a couple of months." He and Tim faced each other in a "69" position, and Tom and I scooted around to do the same. Now I had Tom's hot hard prick in front of my face and I studied it. His foreskin was longer and thinner than mine, and although my hood covered my glans even when erect, hiw formed a little nipple in front. pre-teen underground I steadied his prick with one hand while cupping his balls with the other, feeling his sac tighten as he became more excited. "I want to stick my tongue in there, Tom," I said. "I'll stick it in as deep as possible." I began probing his foreskin nipple slowly, knowing that the thickness of my tongue was stretching the nerve endings in his precious hood. I felt his clasp my prick and his tongue-tip tickled my slit, working sideways to part the lips. I probed deeper, and felt the little pre-teen daughter nude cleft of his slit. I worked my tongue sideways, knowing that spreading the lips would give him highly erotic sensations. I felt him strip my foreskin back to bare the dome of my helmet. "Man, that hole is so cool," he said. "It pouts just like a teardrop." His tongue worked under my tight hood, reaching for my corona as it stretched the nerve endings in my foreskin. The rough upper surface of his tongue caressed the nerve endings on the top of my helmet, and I sighed in delight. Now I pushed my tongue farther into Tom's tight hood, tasting the saltiness of his secretions. "I love the smell of your hairy pre-teens cock," Tom said. "It's a lot like mine, but still a little different." "I pre-teenboys cocks love the smell and taste of yours," I countered. Now I had Tom's big reddish mushroom totally bared, holding the foreskin back, and my lips locked behind his rim. I twisted my head as I used my tongue to swipe at his slit, and this triggered his orgasm. Tom's big mushroom pulsed in my mouth asian pre-teen porn as he cried out in pre-teen naked pussy ecstasy, and the first hot jet shot deep into the back of my throat. I swallowed hard and felt his lovely prick pulse again as his second torrent almost drowned me. He'd removed his mouth from my prick and pulled my foreskin forward. He was grunting and groaning helplessly as the hot rush of his orgasm overwhelmed his senses. "Tom's tip is very sensitive," I heard Al say. Apparently he and Tim had stopped to watch Tom bust his nut, the spectacle adding to their excitement. I pulled back hard on Tom's shaft-skin, putting tension on the nerve endings in his foreskin and gee-string as I removed my mouth. I knew Tom's tip was super-sensitive, and I wanted him to enjoy the rest of his orgasm without the friction on his tender head. His third torrent shot into my pre-teen rape sample waiting mouth, and I swallowed again. Tom was bellowing in pure joy as intense waves of sensation flowed through his body. I swallowed just in time to receive his fourth stream, and the white cream coated my tongue and palate, flowing between my teeth was I closed pre-teen nipple pic my mouth to swallow. I opened my mouth again as his fifth and weaker jet shot from his gaping slit, and I licked the front dome of his pre-teen models hentai mushroom to catch it all. Now Tom was in the dribbling phase of his orgasm, still caught up in the intense sensations, but without the pressure behind the jets. His sac was tight in my encircling fingers, and I tugged on it to heighten his sensations. Another jet pulsed from his slit, as my tugging on his sac increased the power pre-teen young angels of the contraction that gripped his cock-root. His ejaculations slowed to a steady dribble as his orgasm wound down, although he was still groaning. I licked at his tender tip, scooping up the thick dribble that had lost its milkiness and was now becoming clear. Now the flow stopped pre-teen nude modles and I pressed a fingertip into his urethra right behind pre-teen art nude his testicles and began pushing the residue forward. I continued milking his prick until I'd gotten it all out, avidly tasting the juice that seeped from his slit. "You really came fast," I commented as I lifted my head, noting that his eyes were still squeezed shut. "He's gonna be that way for a while," Al said in reply to my comment. "His tip's really sensitive from having been covered all these years." "You don't come that fast," Tim said to me. "Neither does Al, and I pre-teens sex pictures come slowest of all because my tip's been dry all my life." "But now I notice you come a little faster than you used to," Al said and then he engulfed Tim's purple glans once more, locking his lips behind the thick corona. "I think pre-teens russian gay you'll come pretty fast now," I said. "You've just watched me make your brother cream, and now your pump is primed." Tim lay flat on his back, with Al over him, and black pre-teen sex I crept closer to take Al's hard prick into my mouth. Although his glans and foreskin were freshly washed, I smelled the delicious odor of his lubricant. I held Al's foreskin tightly back as I took his mushroom into my mouth, while my other hand tugged at his scrotum. young nude pre-teens Tom was still on the other side of the bed, deep in the daze that followed his climax. I saw that Tom's softening prick lay on his stomach, bareheaded, the glans losing the deep red color as it shrunk. From the corner of my eyes I saw that Tim's hips were bucking as Al applied sensations to his turgid prick. Granted his circumcised glans was less sensitive than ours, young pre-teen pussy videos but the psychic stimulation was proving to be overpowering. Tim was grunting in time with the bobbing of Al's head on his penis. My tongue probed Al's slit, and I tasted the delicious salty flavor of the lube that kept seeping from between the long lips. Now I swiped my tongue sideways across Al's slit, while my naked young pre-teen girls lips squeezed the thick corona of his mushroom. I felt t hat Tim was ahead of Al, and I didn't want Al to catch up yet. I kept my tempo slow, to let Tim have his release before Al unloaded. Tim's grunts were louder, as his brother sucked hard on the swollen mushroom to make him come. Tom had now revived and was tugging at Tim's scrotum, adding to his excitement. I knew that Tim could not last long under this double stimulation. "HUNH! HUNH! HUNH!" I heard Tim grunt as his climax began very young girl pre-teen to overtake him. I knew his eyes would be closed now as he withdrew into himself, totally focused on the delicious sensations in his prick and balls. His hips bucked in counterpoint to the movement of Al's lips on his naked glans. "OOOOWWWWW!" he cried out as the first shockwave of orgasm overwhelmed him, and I knew that Al's mouth would be flooded with Tim's hot cream. I stopped sucking Al's tip for a few moments, so that pre-teen free sex movies he could concentrate on pleasuring his brother. "OOOOOWWWWW! HOWWWH!" Tim cried again, helpless in the throes of his orgasm, and I knew his pelvic muscles were contacting sharply to send another hot torrent up his prick to explode into Al's mouth. Tim's legs were trembling uncontrollably as his body responded to the stimulation. "He's really blowing his load this bbs forum pre-teen time," I heard Tom say. "I can feel it in his balls each time he shoots." Al continued the pre-teen mpeg hard suction on Tim's swollen mushroom, swallowing hard to keep up with the torrents of fresh man-cream. I felt that the four of us were joined inseparably by the magic of Tim's orgasm, which we were working hard to accentuate. Tim cried out a few more pre-teens sex pics times before subsiding into silence, subdued and dazed by the aftershock. We all lay still for a minute, until Al spoke: "Hey Tim," he asked. "Was it too much for you? Did your tip get too sensitive? I just kept going until you stopped coming." "No, it pre-teen bestiality stories never got too sensitive," pre-teen mpegs Tim replied weakly. His eyes were pre-teen non nudes still closed, and he lay inert, recovering his strength. Meanwhile, I engulfed Al's swollen glans with my lips once more, twisting my head to provide that delicious sideways friction on the rim I knew he enjoyed. My tongue swiped at his slit, which was now seeping a steady flow of salty lubricant. Al flopped onto his back as I continued to tug at his scrotum, and his legs began to tremble. I knew he was primed from having watched his two brothers' orgasms, and having tasted Tim's hot cream. I knew Al's cream tasted very salty and smelled pre-teens in swimsuits of chlorine, and I was impatient to feel it in pre-teen modeling galleries my mouth. I wanted to feel the heavy throbs of Al's mushroom against my tongue as russiam pre-teen I brought him to orgasm, and I increased my pace as I heard him begin to grunt. I felt Al's prick reacting to the stimulation. His mushroom swelled and hardened in my mouth, its spongy feel turning into a hard slippery surface. His scrotum was tight between my fingers, and his shaft felt stiffer in my hand. He was beginning to grunt free pre-teen modeling galleries and I knew his excitement was building fast. I felt the slippery ooze from his slit flowing around my tongue and lips, nn pre-teen upskirts and I swallowed hard. Al's grunts were loud now and I knew he'd be falling over the edge within seconds. His mind was shutting down, his attention centered in his prick and balls, anticipating the delicious blast of the orgasm. I pumped my head up and down a few times, my lips compressing the massive rim of his glans as they assed over it. "HUNH! HUNH! HUNH! pre-teen pron HUUUUUUNHHHH!" I heard him howl as I teen pre-teen underwear archive felt his hard, swollen mushroom throb in my mouth. His shaft erotica pre-teen pulsed as the first hot stream shot up towards the fleshy exit to fill my mouth. Al's grunts of agonized ecstasy filled the room as I swallowed the salty pre-teen getting funlumpkinsed cream, and a second later his hot hard glans hammered against my tongue and palate again. Another torrent of his life juice shot to the back of my throat, followed by his straining glans as he bucked his hips and thrust hard into my mouth. Al's prick throbbed again and his third gush filled my mouth before I'd finished swallowing the second. Al thrashed helplessly on the bed as waves of sensation rolled over him, and he shot again. Now I removed my mouth, certain that his prick good looking pre-teen boys was becoming super-sensitive. free pre-teen stories The head was dark pruple and glossy with pre-teens desnudas excitement. I held on to his shaft-skin and his scrotum, pulling down hard on both, knowing that stretching the nerve endings would augment is climax. Meanwhile, my prick was rock-hard, the big helmet straining against the thick tight foreskin that encircled it. I was almost at the point of orgasm because the feel of a man's cock throbbing and shooting pre-teen sex galleries in my mouth was very pre-teen bbs arousing. I could feel Al's orgasm vicariously with each pulse of the big mushroom against my tongue. I felt the touch of a hand against my prick and heard Tom say: "I pre-teen art photos want to dock this big cock. I'll make you come with my skin." This almost sent me over the edge, and I took a deep breath to try to hold off orgasm. Al's prick continued to discharge, but now more weakly, and I free pre-teen nude girls caught each drop on my tongue. His slit was still distended by the steady ooze, and I watched Al's cream lose real underaged pre-teen porn its milky whiteness and become clear as he came to the end of his climax. I felt him begin to relax as his breathing slowed, and knew that he too was sinking into the same daze that had overcome his brothers. Al lay inert as sexy nn pre-teens I turned to Tom, who was lying on his side facing me. The foreskin extended in a long nipple beyond the end of his soft prick, and he grasped the edges delicately. His fingers stretched the opening of his thin flexible hood to show me that it was wide enough to receive my swollen glans. "Let's get you skinned back now," he said as he let go of his foreskin and grasped mine, sliding it back easily over the swollen helmet. "I want that big head of yours inside my skin." His fingers expertly pushed my thick fleshy covering back so that it dropped into the deep groove behind my corona, and then he stretched his foreskin's orifice wide as he moved his hips forward. "Your helmet's really dark purple," he free pre-teens ing noted as the thin fleshy covering slid over the blunt nose of my prick, slowly enveloping it as he thrust forward. I felt his warm flesh clinging to the sensitive surface of my helmet, lubricated by his copious seepage, sending thrills down my pre-teen non-nudes shaft. We lay facing each other, connected by our pricks. With his prick soft, there was plenty of room inside his long foreskin, and he slid his hood right to the edge of my rim, capturing my glans in a fleshy trap. Now he pulled his foreskin out farther, and clamped it behind my rim with his fist. The slippery warmth excited the nerve pre-teen art endings in my sexy nude pre-teens helmet, and I began thrusting gently into his hood. My helmet was fully swollen with excitement, which did not escape his attention: "Your big tip's so hard, you're gonna pre-teen nudity websites come any second." He was right. I'd sucked him dry, and then his brother, savoring the hot chlorine taste of their juices as they shot helplessly inside me, and I'd vicariously experienced both hot orgasms. Tim was watching avidly, eyes fixed on his brother's foreskin russian pre-teen bbs that enveloped my helmet. His hand dropped to his prick, gently stroking the loose skin, compressing his rim. "That looks so hot," He said as he watched the outline of my helmet moving inside Tom's foreskin. Now he pre-teen model videos reached down between us to tug on my scrotum, fueling my fire. Although I was trying to relax, I felt pre-teen pussy pictures the tension build inside me, and my stomach muscles tightened. My breathing became heavier, as I felt myself being carried away on waves of excitement. "I just love the way that big tip feels inside me," said Tom as he clamped his fingers more tightly around my corona. The added friction pre-teensex clips made the rim tingle, and I knew that the tingly feeling would soon spread through my glans. I youngest naked pre-teen girls felt the familiar ache in my helmet that told me I needed relief soon, and now the ache turned into a hot tingle. My eyes closed as I began to grunt helplessly, my awareness of the outside world fading as my attention turned exclusively to the hot sensations in my model nn bbs pre-teen prick and scrotum. Tim tugged hard pre-teen xxx photos on my sac as Tom twisted his fist, spinning his tight foreskin around my corona, and then the tingly feeling exploded, sending a hot bolt of sensation down my shaft. I cried out young pre-teen nude nn helplessly as my cock-root contracted sharply, squirting the first load of cream into my tube. The first hot discharge burned its way to my glans, where it pre-teen lolta slammed through the lips of my slit, distending it as it filled Tom's foreskin. I felt the hot fluid bathing my glans as it swirled over the broad upper surface and into the vee-groove under the head. My cock-root tightened again to send a second discharge gushing from the distended lips of my slit, and the hot liquid made Tom's hood balloon as it swirled around my helmet right down to the rim. I cried out again as another torrent of cream rushed up my tube models pre-teen black to burst from my helmet, this time beginning to leak from the edge of Tom's distended foreskin. "You're pre-teens nude really creamin' this time," I thought I heard Tim say in the distance. The words barely penetrated my consciousness because I was caught up in the throes of my orgasm. I felt another hand close around the base of my shaft, feeling the pulses as my contractions continued. My tip young pre-teen nude model became super-sensitive, but the layer of semen was so thick between my helmet and tom's foreskin that I was just sliding around on a film of cream. My cock-root contracted again, sending a throb up my prick to the helmet as more sperm poured from my straining glans. The next contraction was weaker, and now I was just moaning as it poured from my meatus to distend Tom's tightly stretched hood still further. My discharges slowed to pre-teen ukrain a steady seepage, and I felt myself coming down off the high. My body began to relax, and I felt myself sinking into the same daze that had enveloped the three brothers after their orgasms. Tom's fist relaxed, and I lay on my back, enjoying the afterglow. "I pre-teen model picture really loved feeling your hot helmet inside me," Tom said. "Each pre-teen modelling top 50 time you shot, I felt it throb against my tip. And my skin stretched even more." "I've gotta dock with you!" I heard Tim's agonized voice say, and I opened my eyes to see him laying down between me and his brother. "I've gotta slide in on his jizz," he continued as plump pre-teen models he thrust his now hard prick at Tom's foreskin. The dark purple glans thrust forward, and the skin of his shaft was stretched tightly behind european pre-teen models his rim as Tom pulled the floppy end of his foreskin open black pre-teen pussy to accommodate his brother. With a loud cry, Tim pushed his straining mushroom into the hood and began moving to build up the hot friction that he craved. Tim was now thrusting hard, distending his brother's foreskin with ls fruit pre-teen his big hot mushroom, and his eyes were closed. I reached between his legs and grasped the skin of his tight scrotum, pulling it down towards his knees. Tim's loud cry told us that pre-teen nude photos female he was beginning to discharge, and I imagined the hot cream pouring from his slit to fill his brother's foreskin. Tom was clamping his thumb and index fingers behind Tim's rim, holding the edge of the foreskin firmly in place, catching all of his brother's hot loads in his flesh. Al was propped up on an elbow, taking in pre-teen girls pictures nude the spectacle. My prick was softening, the bare head standing out beyond the fleshy collar of foreskin, white and creamy with my discharge. I slid my foreskin forward as Tim continued to cry out with each hot spasm that filled his body. Now I saw Tim's cream seeping around the edge of Tom's ballooning foreskin, which was still clamped around the neck of Tim's penis. Tom twisted his fist to increase Tim's sensations as the distended foreskin caressed the rim of his mushroom. Tim cried out photo with pre-teen cum again, totally enthralled by the new and unfamiliar sensations. The two brothers clung to each other as Tim's orgasm began to slow. Now Tom let go of his distended foreskin and a thick gush of cream flowed easily between the edge boobs pre-teen lesbian of the hood and the neck of Tim's still throbbing prick. Tim sighed and flopped onto his back, pulling his hard and swollen tip from Tom's hood. His prick lay on his stomach, pointing toward his navel, as the last drops seeped from its slit. Tom pressed his fingertip into the urethra at the base of Tim's shaft, milking the residue free pre-teenage nudists pics forward to flow down onto Tim's stomach. Tim was dazed by the explosion as his prick began to soften, and he lay utterly still, oblivious to the world. We lay down beside him on both sides, arms outstretched over his body, as we sank into sleep.End Of Part 5
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